Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aliens - Play Test and Batrep

Recently I have been dabbling again with my Aliens project, and of late I have been toying around with some rule sets in particular. Recently I managed to get a game in, and so I thought I’d try using something loosely based around the mechanics used in GW’s space hulk, see how that plays out, and get a bit more practice with writing a batrep.

So before we begin, let’s meet the cast.

From left to right: Sgt. VanDam, Sgt. Apone, Cpl. Hicks and Pvt. Hudson.

Pvt. Vasquez, Pvt. Drake, Cpl. Dietrich, LT. Gorman and Special Agent Hunk.

Pvt. Wedge, Cpl. Biggs, Pvt. Connors, Pvt. Crowley and Pvt. Cox.

So the mission at hand is a simple rescue and evacuation. Special agent Hunk has been dispatched with a unit of colonial Marines to a secret Weyland industries research station. While there, they are to rendezvous with the company’s armed science team, and evac them to safety.

Agent Hunk: What’s the situation Corporal?
Biggs: Xeno infestation sir! The entire facility has been compromised!
Agent Hunk: And the data?
Biggs: Each one of my team carries a copy sir.
Agent Hunk: Good work Corporal. Sergeant, ready your men, were leaving!
Apone: Alright, you heard the man, asses and elbows, let’s move it people!

The team set up in a corridor along the left hand side, and while battling through the waves of aliens, must make their way to the evacuation point via the stairwell on the right.

As the marines begin to move out, suddenly the motion trackers begin to go ballistic!

Hudson: We’ve got movement!
Apone: Talk to me Hudson!
Hudson: Multiple signals, I can’t get a lock!
Apone: This is it, stay frosty people!

Hudson: There they are, get em!

The marines open fire down the corridor as the Aliens begin their assault.

The Aliens take losses but eventually swarm their position. As a result, Hudson, Dietrich and Hunk fall in the first attack. Apone and Connors start to mop up the last few Xenos but the damage is done.

VanDam: Apone, what’s your status?
Apone: Were three down, both Hudson and Dietrich are wasted!
VanDam: Agent Hunk?
Apone: Gone.
VanDam: Let’s form up marines. Apone, you take a group and hold that damn corridor! I’ll take a group this way to cover our options.
Apone: Copy that VD.

The marines begin to regroup and split into two teams to cover both corridors. Again the Aliens begin to pile up, readying for a second assault.

The Aliens attack once more and VanDam’s team manage to repel the Aliens and hold their position. Again Apone’s position is overrun and he is killed along with Connors, who managed to take out an alien in melee combat before falling!

VanDam: Apone talk to me…
Hicks: Apone, where’s Apone?

The marines take out the remaining Aliens, and then start to make some ground.

VanDam: Form up people, and stay frosty or were gonna get picked apart in here.
Hicks: I’m picking up some movement up ahead sarge.

Suddenly before anybody could say a word, Wedge runs down the corridor and incinerates three Aliens as he lets rip with his flamethrower.

Wedge: All clear.
VanDam: Good job private. But try to stay in damn formation! I doubt we can afford to loose that incinerator.

The rest of the marines start to move up.

Hicks: Sir, I’ve got movement again!
VanDam: Damn it! Private get your ass back here!

Suddenly more Aliens appear and attempt to ambush Wedge.

Wedge kills two more and manages to block off the rest of the Aliens. However the resulting flames splits the team.

Drake: Well that’s just great. What the f*** are we supposed to do now?
VanDam: We keep moving private. Hicks, Gorman, keep those scientists safe and moving! Wel find another way round to you.

As the marines make their separate ways, the aliens prepare separate ambushes for both groups.

VanDam: Hold steady marines. Drake, you know what to do.

The marines manage to hold off both assaults and are on the move once more.

VanDam: Hicks, it looks like we’ve got a clear run outta here. Where the hell are you?
The Aliens swarm Hicks’ group from both sides.

Hicks: Were picking up movement, in front and behind!
Vasquez: You sure you’re not reading us?
Hicks: It’s definitely not you guys!

Hicks: Wedge, lay down some cover fire with the incinerator and let’s keep moving.

Wedge lets rip once again, blocking the trailing Aliens, while the other prepare for a frontal assault.
VanDam, Drake and Vasquez have a clear run to the exit.

Drake: There’s the exit, lets get outta here!
VanDam: Hold this position, we can’t leave the others.

Hicks and his group manage to fend off the Aliens once more, and start to make their way towards the exit. Meanwhile, VanDam’s group pick up movement heading for their position.

VanDam: Controlled bursts people, we gotta give the others time.
The team hold their position, allowing the others to reach the exit. The Aliens are in hot pursuit.

VanDam: This is it marines, we are leaving! Drake, Wedge, cover the rear with the smart gun and incinerator.

Drake and wedge cover the escape when disaster strikes.
Click click click!
Drake: Sh** I’m out! Burn em Wedge!
Wedge: Game over man, game over! I’m f***ing out too!
Drake: We got a situation down here sergeant!

Vasquez: Let’s rock!!!

Suddenly as the Aliens are just about to swarm the marines again, Vasquez pushes past and fires a grenade into the Aliens, as the last marines make their escape.
Vasquez holds off as long as possible but is eventually taken down and impregnated by a facehugger.


  1. A comeback with a bang, eh Dave?
    Loved the report, not the best day to be a marine!

    1. Cheers Mathyoo,
      Not the best day to be a marine but the science team didn't do too bad

  2. Great batrep, Dave and very tense... just like the film.

    1. Cheers Bryan,
      I was very surprised so many of them made it out to be honest

  3. Very enjoyable Dave. big fan of the films and not disappointed by the AAR. It is also on my list for the future, but not this year.

    1. Cheers Clint,
      I understand that prodos games recently got the official license for aliens and predators minis and had a successful kickstarter campaign. Rumour is the company will be at salute this year and they may have some tables with the avp stuff on display

  4. This brought back many happy memories of the bigger Space Hulk games I played, but you seem to have had a better result than I imagined you'd have had despite the losses.
    Very enjoyable read.

    1. Cheers Joe,
      I agree, though fun to play, they did seem to have it a bit easier once they'd got through the first part. Unless I find a better system, I do think some rule tweaks are in order before I these ones again

  5. Sounds quite touch-and-go right to the end. I wouldn't like to be running a campaign with those kind of losses, though!

    1. Nor I lol,
      As the rules were quite simple, I think 3 or 4 scenarios over an evening or two could make for a nice mini campaign though

  6. Great game report loved it! Played out just like one of the movies with only a bare handful surviving.

    1. Thanks Simon,
      The rules do need some tweaks, and even though they felt a bit beer and pretzely at times, they did provide some moments of tension and a fun game overall.