Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aliens - Play Test and Batrep

Recently I have been dabbling again with my Aliens project, and of late I have been toying around with some rule sets in particular. Recently I managed to get a game in, and so I thought I’d try using something loosely based around the mechanics used in GW’s space hulk, see how that plays out, and get a bit more practice with writing a batrep.

So before we begin, let’s meet the cast.

From left to right: Sgt. VanDam, Sgt. Apone, Cpl. Hicks and Pvt. Hudson.

Pvt. Vasquez, Pvt. Drake, Cpl. Dietrich, LT. Gorman and Special Agent Hunk.

Pvt. Wedge, Cpl. Biggs, Pvt. Connors, Pvt. Crowley and Pvt. Cox.

So the mission at hand is a simple rescue and evacuation. Special agent Hunk has been dispatched with a unit of colonial Marines to a secret Weyland industries research station. While there, they are to rendezvous with the company’s armed science team, and evac them to safety.

Agent Hunk: What’s the situation Corporal?
Biggs: Xeno infestation sir! The entire facility has been compromised!
Agent Hunk: And the data?
Biggs: Each one of my team carries a copy sir.
Agent Hunk: Good work Corporal. Sergeant, ready your men, were leaving!
Apone: Alright, you heard the man, asses and elbows, let’s move it people!