Sunday, November 3, 2013

Play by Forum Fantasy Game

The guys over on the Board of the Living Lead are going to be having a go at a fantasy/RPG game where orders are posted and acted out weekly via the forum. The game will be using Songs of rules sets to create characters, and I thought, being as I've not posted in quite some time, I’d share my character for the game.

Name: Beleren Wyrmblade, a.k.a "Beleren the Beautiful" due to a large scar on his right cheek!
Race: Human
Equipment: Wyrmblade (Barstard sword), Mithril shirt
Quality 2+ Combat 4
Assassin, Savage, Fearless, Greedy
98 points

For those forum members interested in joining, or following along, our first adventure is here:
'Big Trouble in Foxbury'

On a side note for those interested, the mini I’m putting forward as my character is an old WHFB miniature of the character “Felix Jaeger” from the “Gotrek & Felix” novels. Being on a recent D&D kick with my group, I’ve only just recently got round to painting him for use as an NPC, even though I bought him way back in the 90’s!