Saturday, April 27, 2013

Salute 2013 Pictures

Okay guys, this post is a few days later than I had planned but as I started a new job Monday, I’ve been so tired that this week in general has been a bit of a right off. I’ve barely got going on painting any of my Salute haul, and as for today’s post, I’ve barely got the energy to go back through all my pictures and figure out which Salute game was which. As most of us wargamers follow pretty much the same blogs, you’ve no doubt already seen by now many pics of the games on at Salute, and as mine are pretty much the same, in my tired state most of you will probably be more insightful at this point as to who was putting on what games. So today, a nice easy reading post full of pics for you all and hopefully I’ll be back on form once I’m settled into my new routine.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Salute 2013

So yesterday I managed to get myself down to Salute 2013. I got into the venue just after 10am and spent my morning walking around, getting a feel for the whole thing as this was the first time I’d attended a wargamming show. I didn’t particularly spend much; in fact I think my miniature spending was just over £20 in all, but honestly the main reason for me wanting to go was to attend the blogger meeting.

So the meeting was at 1pm, and here’s a picture I’ve lifted from one of the Rejects, of all the bloggers together.
I’m just right of the center of the photo, and I’m the one in the black t-shirt, denim jeans and black trainers. I’m sure most of you wargame bloggers will recognise the faces of all the Posties Rejects, and also in the photo are zombie bloggers Mathyoo, and honorary Postie Clint. Mathyoo is slighty behind me, to my right, and Clint is to his right.

After spending the morning wondering about by myself, meeting the bloggers was a much welcome change, and I wound up wandering around the rest of the show with Mathyoo and Clint. Mathyoo and I both hadn’t attended the show before, so it quickly became apparent that Clint would become our unofficial guide, and he even managed to get us some photos with zombie hunter Misty from “Crooked Dice games”
Mathyoo’s on the left being attacked by a zombie, while Clint’s on the far right, next to Misty.
Here are links to Mathyoo and Clint's blogs

Sadly towards the end of the show we lost Clint, so Mathyoo and I trudged on by ourselves for the last hour or so, managing even to get a quick game in before we had to leave when the doors were closing. I did get some pictures of the game we played, along with many other games we stopped by to take a look at and snap a few photos of, but I’ll leave them to probably my next post as I’ve still got to sift through them all and try to remember which games were which.

I’ll finish up today with my modest line Salute loot. From left to right we have the promotional free Jason figure, zombie hunter “Misty” from Crooked Dice Games, “Ellie Mental” from Heresy miniatures, and “Frank Cisco” and “Eve” from Hasslefree miniatures. While at Hasslefree’s stand, I also picked up two sprues of Studio Miniatures plastic zombies, of which the one pictured to the far right has had a gun added to be painted up as the Day of the Dead “Bub” zombie.

Anyway that’s all for now, and hopefully next time I’ll have sorted all my Salute pictures.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Alfie's Train Set

Ok guys, before I get on to what I initially intended to post today, I’d like to take this opportunity to say that all of us Round Dave’s send our thoughts and well wishes to all of the families affected by the saddening events in Boston yesterday. That being said, I’d like to now continue on with my intended post as hopefully it will bring a few smiles to some of you guys faces, on what is otherwise quite a sombre day.

So here is a video I’ve been intending to share for a while now, shot by one of my mates this past Christmas of the moment when he gave our cocky mate Alfie (a.k.a Mr D) his first ever train set! The quite emotional response of a tanked up Alfie had our lot in fits of laughter, and thus I couldn’t resist posting it and embarrassing him further!

On a final note today, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I should be attending Salute for the first time this year, and I hope to meet some other bloggers while im there. Apparently there will be a blogger meeting at 1pm in the seating area near the bring and buy stand, so I hope to see some of you guys there!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Round Dave's

Yes it was a year to the day that a few of my mates and I started this little blog of ours, and as with a lot of projects that my little group start, the excitement of posting about our little game nights soon began to fade and thus it seemed it was up to me to keep the blog going! Now one year on, I’m glad I did, as the blog is doing better than I could have ever expected. The blog is still open to the rest of my gaming group to post should they wish, and hopefully one day they may if we ever get our act together and stick to some of the projects we start as a group. However, until then, as long all you guys out there keep reading my little posts, I’ll keep going and hopefully this time next year the blog will be still going as strong!

While I’m here, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank some people. Firstly, a big thanks to all my followers for the support and comments over the past year. I’d also like to thank the guys out there who aren’t listed on my followers list but have still bothered to advertise my blog on their respective blog rolls and such, helping to get my posts out there to the wargame community. And lastly, I’d like to thank the guys over on the ‘Board of the Living Lead’ also for the support and comments I’ve received since joining last November.

That’s all for now guys, so here’s to another year of blogging!

Friday, April 5, 2013

"Billy Joe" - Zombie Survivor

So rather than wait a week or so, here’s the survivor I intended to post a couple of days ago. I’m currently trying out taking pictures with a different camera and light setup, so I’d thought I should post one of these new photos, and more importantly, a miniature I have actually painted quite recently. So here is the latest painted addition to my collection.

This is “Billy Joe” from Reaper Miniatures “Chronoscope” range, and from what I can tell, this is one of their newest miniatures in the range. This is the only non fantasy miniature I currently have of Reapers, and from what I have read and heard, they tend to size up slightly taller than most 28mm survivor ranges and this one is no different. This doesn’t really bother me as people come in all shapes and sizes, but I know some gamers do sometimes find this off putting. That being said, even though he is on the tall side, in my opinion, due to the nature of the sculpt being that of the huge hillbilly/redneck B-movie stereotype, the character still sizes up really well other miniatures in my collection and doesn’t look out of place at all.

As I said, I already have a few fantasy miniatures of Reapers, so I did buy this guy already expecting a good quality miniature. I’m pleased to say, the sculpting on this miniature is again fantastic, and honestly a bit better than I was expecting. I really enjoyed painting this guy and as a result, I definitely think I’ll be eventually adding more of the Chronoscope range to my ever growing collection of survivors.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Foundry Miniatures - Customer Service

Ok guys, I was going to post yet another one of my survivors today but instead I have to share something that happened this morning that quite truly stunned me!
As many of you guys know, it was my birthday on March 1st, and as a result of my loved ones not knowing what to get me, I mainly received cash to eventually spend on miniatures. So on the 19th I finally got round to getting the wife to order me some, and thus decided to finally try out Foundry miniatures. I ordered both sets of street cops from their “Street Violence” range, and after two weeks of waiting, it seemed quite obvious that Royal Mail had again lost another parcel of mine!

So being as yesterday was two weeks to the day, my wife decided to give Foundry a call and explain the situation. After a brief and seemingly pleasant conversation from what I over heard, she told me that they were sending some more out to us and I should expect them by the end of the week. Being as that was about 1pm yesterday, imagine my surprise when this morning, a little white box with “Foundry Fantasy” stamped across it came through the door!

As you can see from the picture above, not only did I receive my minis within 24 hours, enclosed also was a note which reads:
Sorry for the delay, here are your cops.
Enjoy the free Yardie too.

Now the lost parcel was in no way any fault on Foundry Miniatures part, so I was truly amazed at receiving both the note and a totally unexpected extra miniature free with my cops!
Even though this may never be read by Alex at Foundry Miniatures, all I can say is thank you to yourself and your company for the wonderful service I’ve received.
So far I’ve only cleaned the figures up and stuck some bases on, but my first impressions of the miniatures are good, and so far I really like them. I will probably go into some detail on them in another post once I’ve painted them up, but today I just wanted to share my little story and give credit where credits due, as based on the service I received, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Finally here’s a link to their web store: