Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Zombie Bat Rep

So last night I sat down and managed to get in another quick zombie game. This time I decided to take notes of the game as well as some pics, and try my hand at an actual bat rep this time. The rules used for the game were a slightly modified version of Akula’s AR:SE rules, with a few bits taken from ATZ thrown in.

So first up, we’ll meet the scenarios cast. From left to right we have Dave VanDam, armed with his trusty shotgun and a backup handgun. Next we have Alf (A.K.A Mr D), armed with a sawn-off shotgun and lucky cricket bat. The third member of the group is Alf’s hillbilly cousin Sammy D who is armed with both a crossbow and hunting knife, while the last adult of the group is Gabby. Gabby is armed only with his trusty satchel, which knowing Gabby, probably contains a packed lunch of some sort! Lastly we have DVD’s missing daughter Bella.

The idea of the scenario is that my daughter has recently gone missing from our base camp, and I’m out searching for her with the most able bodied of our group……. and Gabby.
Upon entering each building, before rolling to see if any zombies are inside, a roll of 1d6 would be made with a score of 6 meaning that instead of zombies, we would find Bella safe and sound inside. Should Bella be found, the group would then have to escort her back the way they came, and off the table to safety!

Above is the entire setup, with Team VanDam and the initial zombies already placed upon the board. The four points where the roads leave the table act as possible spawn points and may or may not churn out new zeds at the end of each round, while noise from gunfire and such could also result in more zombies entering from random edges of the board.

Team VD would enter the fray from the road leading off of the left side of the board, whilst unbeknown to them, a little way down the road hordes of zombies lie out of sight of our unsuspecting heroes!

Two groups lie up the street from Team VD, hidden between the first and second buildings on the left.

Meanwhile another two groups lurk around the first building on the right. In total there where 29 zombies initially placed on the board.

Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s crack on to the actual game!

Coming across a seemingly quiet street, Team VD stick together and decide to methodically search the buildings one at a time, starting with the closest to their right. As they approach the door way, mixed thoughts run through their minds! “I hope she’s ok” DVD wonders to himself, unwilling to consider the alternative! Meanwhile “I wonder if there is a geo-cash nearby?” Sam silently wondered to himself.

As they enter the building, inside the group find themselves confronted by two zombies. “Crossbow Sam” said Gabby, an indication this should be taken care of quietly. Sam in turn, raised his crossbow and fired at the first zombie, completely missing his quarry! With every action comes a quick reaction, as DVD and Alf then let rip with their shotguns, easily taking out both zombies. “That’s how it’s done Sam” said Alf to his cousin with a smug look upon his face. “Idiots!” yelled Gabby. “Do the pair of you realize that every goon in the area would have heard that?”
Before Gabby could finish his rant, Alf had already darted back out of the door and off across the street.

As the rest of the group struggled to catch up, Alf reached the building opposite, burst open the door, and ran inside. As he readied himself to shoot more zombies, his eyes scanned the darkened interior, which to his surprise was empty apart from a small figure in the center of the room quietly sobbing. No time for standing around, Alf quickly grabbed the girl and led her outside to her relieved father.

No words are spoken as the group look on as DVD silently embraces his daughter. With Bella now in tow, Team VD starts to leave the area, checking behind them constantly as the faint sound of groaning zombies starts getting louder.

As the group turn to finally leave the area towards the safety of their camp, Team VD is suddenly surprised by three zombies now blocking their path. DVD starts to raise his weapon when suddenly he finds that the only thing standing between him and the oncoming zombies is his daughter! Hesitant to shoot while his daughter is standing in the way, DVD need another option, and quick!

First to react was Gabby, who only armed with his satchel, selflessly charged at the nearest zombie, holding it off and putting some distance between it and Bella. As the group looked on in wonder at Gabby’s heroism, one of the zombies managed to reach Sam and a struggle for his life ensued. Sam managed to draw his knife and plunge it into the zombies skull, but only after it took a chunk out of his arm.

With Gabby struggling for his life and Bella now out of the line of fire, DVD and Alf aimed there weapons to the last two zombies and quickly blew their heads off. The coast now clear, the group safely retreated back to camp.

Round Up
Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed my first attempt at an actual bat rep, even though it was slightly uneventful but sometimes that’s just how the dice roll.
As for what happened to Sam and his bite wound……....

Let’s just say I took care of it!


  1. Good bat-rep and surely a fairly uneventful scenario is a successful one ?

    1. Thanks Joe,
      Totally agree mate, however it would have been nice to show off a few more zeds and a bit more of my table. I plan to do another rep at some point, so maybe next time.

  2. Neat batrep. It's not as easy as it seems, is it? Short and sweet, just like the daughter! Love the use of 'goon' to describe ds,makes a nice change. Now I'm hooked on another group of survivors. Can't wait to see how the get on in our meltdown world.

    1. Cheers Irqan,
      I hope to do a couple more practice bat reps, then hopefully start a proper campaign of some sort with team VD eventually!

    2. Just go for it. There's a great deal of fun to be had. Jump into the deep end. You won't regret it.

  3. As above....Just be happy that most was quiet and you did not have to check all the buildings. Things tend to turn from bad to GODDAMMIT pretty fast!

    Well done!

    1. Cheer Johnny,
      Again I agree but when it hits the fan, it does make more of an interesting read at times!

  4. You're off to a good start, Dave, so don't be too downhearted at the lack of action. Achieving the scenario's goals with the minimum of fuss is the best result possible.

    1. Thanks Bryan,
      This would have been a great result if part of a campaign. Once I get a couple more practice reps under my belt I'll start one and then I can hope that team VD are just as lucky!

  5. Nice batep mate, Lets hope there is more like it :D

    1. Cheers Simon,
      Hopefully the campaign won't be to long coming as thanks to some ideas in Bryan's latest post, I may have a loot system for it soon!