Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Barricades, Fencing and Skips….Oh my!!!!

As many of you know, a little while ago I made an entry for the ‘Board of the Living Lead’ diorama competition.
And as any of you who follow the board know, I actually managed to scrape a much unexpected win! So while I’m on the subject, again I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the guys who took part, voted, and any others for their kind comments.

Since entering the competition, and receiving all of the positive feedback, I have been extremely motivated to continue with some cheap scenery/terrain type builds, and so I have decided to share a few today.

First up are some cheap barricades I’ve built. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube on how to do this barbed wire effect, so nothing to fancy here. The frame is simply cut down, painted toothpicks/cocktail sticks, while the barbed wire is telephone wire which has had the sheathing stripped off. Two lengths of wire were then tightly twisted together, and then wrapped around a pencil to give the coil effect.

Secondly, we have my fencing. These are simply toothpicks mounted on cardboard, with a mesh, cut and stuck on! The cardboard I used for the base was from one of the wives old catalogue books, which is very rigid, and quite reasonable for basing. It was then covered in some newspaper for some texture, and then simply dry brushed.
As for the mesh, it is the small type of mesh you find on gift baskets and such, which again I nicked off the wife, and simply stuck on and painted.

Last up are my Skips/Dumpsters. These are entirely made from normal cardboard, which then had wall filler applied to the edges to hide to corrugated bits on the ends of the card. The rubbish inside is just a mix of odd off cut bits of rubbish I accumulated on my work table, which were simply glued in, dry brushed, and touched up for some details.

Anyway hope you like my cheap bits and pieces, and I hope to be building more odds and ends to fill my zombie city with as and when I get the inspiration!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Movie review

Last Sunday I finally got round to going the see the new Hobbit movie, and being a big fan of the LOTR trilogy, I was really looking forward to eventually seeing this film! As I’m already a big fan of the series, I admit, I have a slightly biased view when it comes to me telling you all that I thought this film was awesome! I like the fact that the films look was very much in keeping with the other LOTR films, yet it had a slightly different feel to it. As is with the books, the story of the hobbit is a much more light hearted story, which when written, was intended as a children’s novel. This light hearted nature comes across in abundance throughout the film, and the difference in feel to the films, really captures the difference in feeling between Tolkien’s books. Another thing I enjoyed about the film was that there were additional story elements added, which was not originally in novel. Some people may dislike these additional elements, but I can see their necessity, as they really help the film to tie in with the LOTR story. As a fan, I really enjoyed the fact that the additional elements within the film also allowed for some of the original LOTR cast to reprise their roles once again.

I won’t add any spoilers, so I’ll just add that overall I really enjoyed the film, as will anyone who enjoyed the LOTR movies. Also, given the light hearted nature, the film is far more family friendly than the LOTR, and definitely one I’d recommend for the family.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Predator Miniatures

In the past few days, a lot of what I’ve seen and read have been something either to do with the “Aliens” or the “Predator” franchises. So today, being as I had already photographed them a while back now, I thought I’d show off my four Hunter Aliens (A.K.A Predators) from Copplestone Castings “Future Wars” range.
I got these a while back now for an AVP project which I started, and sadly, eventually gave up on. Along with the Predator models, I painted up some figures for use as Colonial Marines, and I even made my own face-hugger miniatures. I gave up on the project for the same reason many other have done when attempting AVP in 28mm, and that is the lack of reasonably priced Alien figures in this scale!

Not to let something go to waste though, my marines do see a lot of use in other games, as do these Predators when I fancy a laugh, or just like to shake things up a bit! All in all, I really like the figures and how they painted up, and even though my AVP project is on the back burner, I’m pleased to have them in my collection.