Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barbarian Hero Miniature

So the other day I had a couple of hours to spare, the baby was out with the in-laws, and all the house work had been done for once. As I sat there, not knowing what to do with myself, I thought id look through some of my fantasy minis that are still in need of painting, as I currently don’t have any unfinished minis to paint for my zombie project.
Sorting through, I found this Barbarian figure, which I think is from Reaper Miniatures, staring at me. As it was already undercoated, and I was bored shitless, I couldn’t resist painting it up.

The Barbarian is slightly larger than most 28mm figures but is still within the scale. By design he is supposed to be of a larger, brutish form of a man. I bought this figure purely based on his size, as he would make an excellent unit champion/ hero in my Warhammer army, or a great D&D adventurer.

Anyway, I thought id share him, as this evening I have finally got round to toying around with the wife’s camera, and finally taken some pictures of a few of my miniatures.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

A quick mention to our readers

Hi all, just a quick post from us Round Dave’s as I haven’t had anything really interesting to post for a couple of weeks, yet I have a few things id like to mention.

First of all I would like to give a mention and a thank you to Johnny, Bryan and Shelldrake, for being among the first to follow our little slice of randomness! Also to Bryan, we would like to wish you a happy birthday today.
Secondly I would like to thank all the guys over on the board of the living lead for all of their positive comments recently, and an extra thanks to Brummie for directing me to the board in the 1st place. I strongly advise anyone interested in Zombie wargaming to check it out.

Also, you can find links to all of the blogs of all of the people I have mentioned above in my blog list in the side bar. There’s some great stuff on there, so I urge you strongly to check them out.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Zombie City - Cheap Buildings and Roads

An example of my setup so far
Okay guys, so today DVD would like to show you the beginnings of the city for my zombie project. All of the terrain you see above is made from cardboard I’ve been collecting. So far I have a total of 11 buildings put together which are still yet to be textured, painted and finished, and enough roads finished to easily give me enough street layouts for this table twice over with many variations. And the best part, so far I’ve spent under £5 to get to this stage.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Flying Frog's Last Night on Earth Miniatures Painted

Last Night On Earth Heroes
Okay, so it’s again been a while since DVD posted anything but I have been fairly busy painting up some new survivor minis as well as a shed load of zeds for my zombie horde. Also I’ve started to construct some scenery for my zombie project, buildings, roads ect. Today however, id like to come back to a post I put up a while back regarding some “Last Night On Earth” miniatures I ordered. Well I’ve finally got round to painting them, and as the last post got quite a few views, id thought id show you all them and share my thoughts. Also, as many people may or may not know there are some horror stories floating around on the net regarding these minis, and how they hold up to being painted, so I’ll also ad a brief description on how I got my finished result and what I used. (P.S sorry for the picture quality)